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  • My age:
  • 31
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  • Man
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  • Lady
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  • Hip hop
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  • Surfing the net
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E dith Johnson remembers the moment she was struck by two devastating thoughts simultaneously.

Though she was surrounded by a sea of faces, each as excited as the next, not one person, whether in the crowd or up on the stage, looked anything like her. Born and raised in Peachtree City, Georgia, home to fewer than 40people and better known for its extensive use of golf buggies than its diversity, Edith was used to feeling like the odd one out.

While that was unquestionably true, there was another thing those fans had in common: they were almost all white, and the bands they were watching were almost all men. It was then that Edith made a promise to herself. I decided I could be that [person] for myself and for other people too.

A few years down the road and Edith, now 20has already achieved the first aim, and is on course for the second. Today she greets Kerrang! Meanwhile, the self-belief instilled by her parents is as striking as her multicoloured hair. After all, when the band toured their EPChanging States, she acted as booking agent and tour manager, as well as performing her onstage responsibilities.

The answer, of course, is pop-punk — the genre that gave the trio an upbringing and now an outlet. It got them ed to a major label, Fueled By Ramen, home to the likes of Paramore and twenty one pilots.

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T here's something very wholesome about Meet Me The Altar — from their overall manner to the circumstances around how they got together. Both, it turned out, were rather partial to Sub-Zero, the face mask-wearing warrior who uses ice to vanquish his enemies.

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Things are considerably less happy and bouncy at this juncture, though. Edith is currently sitting in shock, her eyes wide and her hand covering her mouth, revealing nails that match the shades of her hair. Then people realised, but it was unspoken for a while. Edith nods in agreement, pulling out her phone to Google the lyrics to a particularly grotesque example, from the track U.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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Have the band been on the receiving end of hostility from others in the scene? Hear Ada discuss growing up and not seeing people like herself doing drum covers online. Given these ambitious aims, what does true success look like for Meet Me The Altar? Is being women of colour and representing queerness in a scene associated with whiteness and straight male preoccupations achievement enough?

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Click the button below to download your print-at-home Kerrang! So they simply made it for themselves. Ahead of their new EPModel Citizen, meet the trio who are sweeping long-needed change through pop-punk….

And the rest is matrimony. Get your fan pack.

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Meet Me At The Altar. Svalbard in The K! Holding Absence in The K! Slam Dunk unveil first names including headliners Alexisonfire and Rancid.

Trivium unleash huge new single The Phalanx — ly a demo from Shogun. Entry Next Entry. Follow Us. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. Home News Features Menu.

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MeetMe helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now!


The album was acclaimed by music critics.