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Sometimes it might seem like everyone in school is talking about who's a virgin, who isn't, and who might be. For both girls and guys, the pressure sometimes can be intense. But deciding whether it's right for you to have sex is one of the most important decisions you'll ever have to make.


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By Editorial January 22, A year-old girl stands at a bus stop alone one morning, her dark brown ponytail tied high up on her head. She shifts her legs, checks her text messages and waits for her school bus. A boy not much older than she walks by and stops, sizing her up. He waits to see if she looks again, and when she does, he compliments her.

Within a few weeks of talking to him over Facebook, this girl is nearly ready to be trafficked. Human traffickers are trolling social media sites and approaching children online as well as in public, luring in potential victims with false compliments and flirtation techniques, says Woolf.

Inthe D. They really are. They are very, very smooth and think on their feet.

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They know their game. The biggest window of opportunity traffickers exploit with minors, male or female though victims are usually femaleis low self-esteem. Woolf says traffickers look for telltale s of this insecurity from potential victims, like how the teen described earlier averted her eyes to the floor when she was complimented.

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The potential victim could shuffle her feet or blush. She usually avoids eye contact, or she carries herself with hunched shoulders.

Virginia republicans want democrat's sex assault accusers to testify

Traffickers might buy their victims expensive gifts or take them on vacation then start slowly putting victims in contact with strangers and start asking the potential victim for favors. Traffickers discover and research a good of these victims on social media networks like Facebook.

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This way, when they encounter them for the first time face-to-face, they know what to say because they know what [the targets] want to hear, their hopes [and] aspirations, and they use that information to exploit the situation. J ust Ask is just a public awareness campaign founded and run in part by Payne and members from the Fairfax County Police Department, other volunteers from the Fairfax County Public Schools and people in the community.

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They work to expose the growing prevalence of sex trafficking in Northern Virginia by organizing and producing educational media and events throughout the county, like videos and presentations for parents, students and community members at local high schools and churches. InJustin Strom and four other members of the Underground Gangster Crips in Alexandria were sentenced to prison for running a local sex trafficking ring of teenage girls and conspiracy to recruit over more girls on Facebook and other social media sites.

The victims said they were forced to have sex with as many as 30 men per day, and at least one of the victims was as young as 12 years old.

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The gang-related pimps like Strom are only 20 percent of the puzzle, Woolf says. There are many other possibilities like family-controlled rings, sophisticated female-led brothels, older male-led rings who can pose as boyfriends to the victims and an upward trend toward exploiting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

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The schools, police and state government are all working to address the problem, even if some of the resources are limited. Today, the unit consists of just one man: Woolf. Up until the summer ofthere had also been an FBI agent working alongside Woolf, but she has since been reased, he says.

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Sadly, only 10 of those cases have come to arrest because of the limited time and resources, which means there are many of these perpetrators—and victims—still out there. Is it enough? Is it ever enough?

Virginia lt. gov. justin fairfax's office says 2 polygraph exams support his denials of sex assault allegations by two women

Payne got special services, the police department, school psychologists and counselors involved in developing and adopting lessons that would teach students what the s for sex trafficking are and how to stop it from happening to them. In fact, Payne and Woolf say FCPS offers the most inclusive and extensive sex trafficking awareness and prevention lessons for high schoolers in the country.

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T he school year is the second year students will take part in the sex trafficking lessons, which were added to the health and family life curriculum in all of Fairfax County. The lessons are first introduced in sixth grade as part of what physical abuse is, and many of the lessons for ninth and 10th grade weave in these concepts of physical and mental abuse and how sex trafficking is a form of abuse.

There is also a large emphasis on Internet safety in seventh and eighth grades and how sex traffickers work through social media. Students cap off their sex trafficking knowledge in 12th grade with lessons on the laws surrounding the issue.

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Teachers and staff members are also instructed on warning s and prevention methods to help the students, says Payne. Parents are also not left in the dark. They are invited to preview nights where they can learn about the lessons before the child attends class so the child and parents can have an open discussion about the topic ahead of time. Parents can always opt their child out of any lesson within the health and family life education curriculum or the whole curriculum entirely, which also includes sections on drug education, sex and healthy relationships.

Va. lt. gov. fairfax says he was treated like george floyd, emmett till over sexual assault allegations

For high schoolers, even fewer were opted out—somewhere around 1 to 2 percent, reports Payne. The club soon turned its focus on sex trafficking after some guidance from her mother and Payne. Beckman quickly began speaking out all over the area at churches, school assemblies and Girl Scout troop meetings. And while local students, schools and police are all stepping up to fight this growing issue in our community, the state government is trying to play catch-up. Up until then, Virginia was the only state in the continental U. Only Hawaii remains now.

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The law also clearly states that any person who solicits, recruits or encourages anyone over 18 to engage in prostitution in exchange for money or other valuable items is committing a Class 5 felony. Before the new law was passed, victims had to show they were forced or coerced into prostitution, which as a minor can be tough to do when it is a vulnerability like low self-esteem being manipulated and exploited. Before the law was passed, Shared Hope International had given Virginia a D rating in their human trafficking report cards.

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Everyone is coming together, which is key. By Lisa Spinelli Fairfax County bands together to fight a growing sex trafficking problem.

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Hounded by claims he sexually assaulted two women , embattled Virginia Lt.


If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime in Virginia, you may not know where to begin or what to expect.


Hounded by claims he sexually assaulted two women , embattled Virginia Lt.


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