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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. We examined the associations between sexual hookup behavior and depression, sexual victimization SVand sexually transmitted infections STIs among first-year college women. In this longitudinal study, women completed 13 monthly surveys assessing oral and vaginal sex with hookup and romantic partners, depression, SV, and self-reported STIs.


Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Four individuals, including the author, developed codes to examine this wide range of responses to sexual expectations and prohibitions and independently and reliably coded the data. Guys like you based on how much you pleasure them. Guys are going to talk about things and joke about things with their guy friends.

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Emerging adulthood is a central time for young people to explore multiple cultural discourses outlining the norms of love, work, identity, and worldviews Arnett, How do young women in college negotiate these potentially conflicting sexual discourses? What do friends communicate to emerging adult women about sex and relationships? Friends serve as advisers, referents, and informants, and they provide opportunities for young people to enact the sexual scripts that they learn.

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Even when friends are not present to facilitate connections between potential partners, emerging adults report turning to them after the fact. For example, undergraduate women, on average, report many discussions about dating; occasional discussions about fertility, condoms, contraception, and sexual behaviors and feelings; and one-time discussions about abstinence Lefkowitz et al. Similarly, Levin, Ward, and Neilson found that undergraduate women reported minimal discussions about abstinence and more frequent discussions regarding positive sexuality e.

Discussions about sex and relationships with friends are not only diverse, but they can also be divergent. For example, undergraduate women reported frequent discussions about the importance of romantic relationships and the acceptance of casual sex Fletcher et al.

Survey research has typically overlooked or controlled for the gender of friends. Research on how female and male friends send different messages may highlight the ways in which women and men uniquely shape sexual socialization.

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The mix of sexual messages to women reflects the ongoing cultural evolution in sexual scripts. Traditionally, women are expected to be passive, pleasing, and relationally oriented Tolman, Kim et al. How are these divergent discourses of femininity reshaping sexual scripts? Despite all the rules, it remains unclear how young women can actively and assertively pursue their sexual needs and desires without being stigmatized. Because young women and their friends come of age during the same historical period, they are likely navigating similar social contexts and norms. Therefore, discussions among young women and their friends regarding sex and relationships may be particularly nuanced.

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What kinds of messages do undergraduate women report receiving about being or becoming a sexual woman? Is respectability via sexual gatekeeping still a major concern for women? How are women advised by their friends to pursue their sexual needs and desires? My second aim was to test whether reports of messages women heard, differed between female and male friends.

My final aim was to identify underlying themes in the sexual expectations undergraduate women face. Participants were undergraduate women enrolled in a large, public university in the Midwest. Participants ranged in age from 17 to Women from the Psychology Subject Pool took part in a large survey study on sexual socialization that sought to examine their use of social media e.

Women from the discussion sections, however, only completed the open-ended questions of the aforementioned survey.

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All women received course credit for participation, and their responses were anonymous and confidential. Because participants from the Introduction to Developmental Psychology course were only asked to provide their age and gender on their forms, and all participants in the current study were women, only age differences between the two groups could be tested.

Yet, given the limited age range, age differences in the prevalence of specific messages were not tested. Participants in the Psychology Subject Pool were, on average, younger than participants from the Introduction to Developmental Psychology course This age difference was unsurprising, given that the Psychology Subject Pool consisted of students in Introduction to Psychology, a prerequisite for Introduction to Developmental Psychology. More is known about the Psychology Subject Pool subsample.

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Two hundred and eleven participants were White Only nine participants identified as Latino 2. Two hundred and eighty-nine women Five participants identified as bisexual 1. Eight women did not respond 2. Religiosity was measured with three items, each on a 5-point scale.

Sometimes, these messages conflict, and sometimes they agree.

What kind of messages have you received? Following the recommendations set forth by Braun and Clarkecode development was an inductive, deductive, and iterative process. I worked with three undergraduate research assistants to code and to analyze data. First, we each worked independently by reading a random sample of 80 responses to identify as many themes as possible.

The second step involved collaboration; my undergraduate research assistants and I discussed all themes.

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The commonalities found across themes were used to form and revise initial coding schemes. These first two steps were done repeatedly for approximately responses until saturation occurred, whereby no new additional themes were detected Bowen, For the third step, each person independently used these coding schemes to code the same portions of data. In the fourth step, coding discrepancies were discussed, and codes were revised to enhance clarity and to capture greater breadth in the data.

Steps 3 and 4 were done repeatedly until codes were no longer revised. A total of 13 codes were created. These codes are listed on Table 1.

Thirteen codes were grouped into three main codes. I refer to the 13 codes as subcodes, and the three groupings of these subcodes as main codes. This main code includes discourses whereby sex is normative, shameless, and pleasurable. Because having casual sex may be less socially acceptable even if desired, this main code also included any mention that having sex outside of relationships is perfectly acceptable.

There were four subcodes.

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Reports of messages that conveyed that sex is enjoyable and fun were coded as Sexual Pleasure. Reports of messages that conveyed that sex is not serious were coded as Sex is Casualand reports of messages that conveyed that having sex and having sexual desire are normal and natural were coded as Sex is Natural. The Sexual Gatekeeper main code reflects the conventions that dictate when and under what conditions sex is considered acceptable for young women. Specifically, sex is viewed as acceptable within very narrow contexts: romantic, long-term, committed relationships, or marriage.

Actual or perceived failure to meet the aforementioned expectations may result in young women being ostracized and labeled for promiscuity and immorality. Given these restrictions, reports of if-then messages about sex were common e. Six subcodes captured the nuances in the conventional values and expectations that underlie traditional femininity.

Three subcodes focused on the conditions that make sex acceptable. One subcode was Abstinence until Marriage. Two subcodes focused on how sex is most appropriate in relationships. Reports of messages that explicitly prohibited hookups and that encouraged involvement in romantic relationships were coded as Meaningful Relationships. The other subcode was Role of Sex in Relationships and referred to any reports of messages that conveyed that sex is best when one is in a relationship and that sex strengthens a relationship.

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The third main code, Instrumental Adviceconsisted of all reports of messages that gave tips on how to optimize sex, relationships, and sexual health. Instrumental Advice was selected because young women turn to their friends for advice about sex and relationships e.

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There were three subcodes. First, Sex Advice pertained to reports of messages regarding sexual techniques to enhance pleasure.

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The second subcode, Sexual Healthreferred to all reports of messages regarding strategies to minimize sexual health risks. The third and final subcode, Relationship Adviceconsisted of reports of messages that conveyed any advice about what one should do to initiate, maintain, or end a romantic relationship.

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After the codes were established, selective coding began so that all data were coded using the same coding schemes Charmaz, Two pairs of coders coded all the data, independently of each other. Coding and analyses were done using Dedoosea web-based mixed methods research program.

Each unit of analysis could receive up to four codes. The limit was set to four because preliminary coding trials indicated that most units of analyses received fewer than five codes. When disagreements occurred, coders discussed and resolved coding discrepancies to come to an agreement.

Mixed methods analyses were used to achieve the specific aims. I calculated the percentages of participants who reported receiving messages for each main code e.

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This survey was taken online by more than 20, students from 21 four-year colleges and universities between and