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When a bloodthirsty creature crawls into a woman's reproductive organs, she gets driven into a murderous rage in order to feed the tiny terror growing inside of her. A voracious parasite from the dawn of creation searches for the one thing it needs: to be born of a human. A Hollywood star at age two, Baby Peggy was a has-been at 11, forced to perform in vaudeville to support her family.

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As Diana Serra Cary, she became an author and advocate for children's rights. While studying rare fossils in the African Jungle, two scientists uncover a living, breathing legend - an enormous pair of Brontosauruses and a hatchling dinosaur alive in the heart of the rain forest! To protect this rare find, they must escape a world of unseen and certain danger. Franco Rosso's incendiary Babylon had its world premiere at Cannes in but went unreleased in the U.

Raw and smoldering, it follows a young dancehall DJ Brinsley Forde, frontman of landmark British reggae group Aswad in South London as he pursues his musical ambitions, battling fiercely against the racism and xenophobia of employers, neighbors, police, and the National Front.

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The vaultingly ambitious, award-winning German series Babylon Berlin is a dizzyingly thrilling crime drama. Babylon Berlin is one of the most critically acclaimed European television shows of the decade, a sumptuously paranoid thriller set in Berlin, a metropolis in turmoil. When a Paris detective is injured in the course of a criminal investigation, he is transported twenty years into the past, and has a second chance at solving the most frustrating mystery of his career.

Release Year: Color: Color. Running from the past and backing into love! Back Street tells the story of two people who meet and fall in love but are unable to marry due to impossible circumstances. However, despite their situation, they carry on a lifelong illicit affair until tragedy strikes.

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Filmmaker Nicolas Philibert To Be and to Have, In the Land of the Deaf travels to the Normandy countryside to catch up with the locals he helped cast in a movie three decades earlier - a starting point for a remarkably rich exploration of memory, history, madness, life and death, and, of course, the cinema. Along the way he meets frontier widow Karyl Orton, who is being hunted by gunslinger Johnny Cool. The unlikely duo endures various hardships as Slater comes to suspect his father died from something more sinister than an apparent Apache ambush.

Bad Banks follows Jana Liekam, an up-and-coming investment banker in Luxembourg. After firing her from her job, Jana's conniving boss Christelle Leblanc continues to manipulate Jana for her own obscure plans, tipping her off to an attractive deal. Now indebted, Jana is expected to deliver something in return Nelson Crowe Laurence Fishburnea deep-cover CIA operative with a deadly asment: infiltrate a highly secret industrial espionage firm.

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Once inside, he teams with Margaret Wells Ellen Barkina master spy and seductive manipulator, in a plot to overthrow the organization's sinister president Frank Langella. Newly Remastered in HD! The con is on! Four teens on the run from an orphanage spring a fellow orphan recently adopted by a rich family, then trash the whole house. Michele Brent Susan Hampshire is the woman who convinces Kovack that his visions are ificant.

The shocking French thriller Baise-moi tells the story of two young women who go on a violent spree against a society in which they feel marginalized. The winner of the Sundance Film Festival's Dramatic Directing Award and Excellence in Cinematography Award, Ballast is a stunning and evocative story of personal catastrophe and communal redemption set in the Mississippi Delta. Writer-director Lance Hammer and his gifted cast of local, non-professional actors have created an unflinching, profoundly humane story of lost souls forced by circumstance to seek solace in the most unlikely of places.

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Unearthing a treasure trove of archival footage, filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine have fashioned a dazzlingly entrancing ode to the revolutionary twentieth-century dance troupe known as the Ballets Russes. A trip to the pastoral countryside reveals a dark, sinister reality for a family from the city in Andrey Zvyagintsev's follow-up to The Return.

After unwittingly capturing a bank robber, an unemployed drunk lands a job as a security guard which le to complete absurdity. Criminal masterminds? Don't bank on it. George C. Scott Patton stars in this hilarious film that brims with wonderful and imaginative silliness.

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Fresh from his recent jailbreak, criminal mastermind Walter Ballantine Scott is already plotting his next bank heist. And this time he's thinking big-he's not just taking the loot; he's stealing the whole bank! This movie attempts to reconstruct the bankruptcy of the Banco Ambrosiano bank and its liaisons with the Vatican and the Masonry through the story of its president Roberto Calvi, notoriously found dead under the Blackfriars Bridge in London in June On Oct.

John Wayne stars as Brannigan, a hard nosed Chicago cop sent to London to track down and return to the states a notorious Chicago mobster.

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Speaking Truth to Power tells the complex story of Rep. Barbara Lee, a steadfast voice for human rights, peace, and economic and racial justice who was the lone vote in opposition to the broad authorization of military force following the September 11th attacks and is the highest-ranking African American woman in the United States Congress. An evil ruler Kadar enslaves Canary, a beautiful young queen, and two twin boys from her clan. Barbarosa Willie Nelsonan ex-Texas Ranger turned bandit, lives by his wits and his prowess with a gun.

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Prowling the lonesome deserts of the Southwest, he meets Karl Gary Buseya young, eager farmhand on the run after accidentally killing his brother-in-law. Together, the outlaw and outcast outwit their bloodthirsty pursuers in this legendary story of betrayal, misunderstanding, honor and dignity. A uniquely delicate and moving road movie, Barking Water uses the ruggedly beautiful backdrop of rural Oklahoma to tell the story of a proud Native American attempting to reconnect with his estranged family.

From the dawn of man to the Battle of Jutland, the Ambrose family tree has always maintained its ability to create a long line of distinguished naval officers… until now. Once again, screen great Alec Guinness manages to create another unforgettable comic creation for the last film he made with the legendary Ealing Studios.

Release Year: Running Time: 87 mins. An American professor Antonio Cantafora travels to the estate of his ancestor, the sadistic Baron Otto von Kleist, seeking the truth beneath his notorious reputation.

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When he and his assistant Eva Elke Sommer read aloud an ancient incantation, the Baron's spirit is resurrected, leading to a series of violent deaths within the haunted castle. Jake Remy Warren Oates and his band of mercenaries shoot their way through a tiny border town, planning to escape with their plunder across the river into Mexico.

They dispatch a few men to neutralize the local ferryman, Travis Lee Van Cleefbut he and flinty mountain man Phil Forrest Tucker foil the scheme. Barton Fink is a Broadway playwright who reluctantly relocates to Hollywood to write screenplays. His neighbor John Goodman tries to help when Barton develops severe writer's block but he continues to struggle as a bizarre sequence of events distracts him even further from his task. Award winning film about two undocumented Mexican day-laborers in L.

Each day they stand on the corner at the home improvement store seeking employment. Today, the job they are given is well paid compared to their poor usual wages. Today, one of them carries a shotgun inside his backpack. Gene Hackman and Danny Glover portray a pair of valiant American soldiers up against impossible odds for survival and rescue within war-torn Vietnam.

But now he must fight Ana amuses herself by working as a prostitute, but Marcos also has a secret. Angela Constance Cummings is a maneating business woman, meets Robert Robert Morley who asks for her help to bring his company into the 20th century. The staff, led by Peter Sellers has other ideas which result in a comic battle.

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For eight decades, Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece has remained the most influential silent film of all time. Until now. The inner thoughts of a sociopathic bull terrier reveal that he is quite unhappy with his situation—living with an elderly woman who is afraid of him.

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In search of his ideal master, he successfully plots how to do away with her—and attempts a similar plan when he becomes dissatisfied with his next owner. When crippled Countess Federica is murdered at her isolated mansion, a gruesome battle ensues to secure the rights to her valuable property around the bay.

Everyone, from illegitimate children to shady real estate agents, stakes a claim, only to be killed in increasingly bizarre ways, from simple shootings to impalement by fishing spear. The makeup effects are by Carlo Rambaldi, who would later earn Oscars for his work in Alien and E.

Two years later, she was made head of production at Gaumont and started directing films. She and her husband moved to the United States, and she founded her own company, Solax, in —they started in Flushing and moved to a bigger facility in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Pamela B. Narration by Jodie Foster. Four Marines embark on a hazardous island mission to verify reports about a secret Japanese minefield. In post-WWII Leningrad, two women, intensely bonded after fighting side by side as anti-aircraft gunners, attempt to readjust to a haunted world when a shocking accident brings them closer… and also seals their fates.

A Louis Vuitton bag stuffed full of cash sends a group of hard-luck lowlifes on a desperate chase for the fortune in this pitch-black neo-noir crime thriller.

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After a mysterious illness strikes his village, a young, orphaned boy sets out for the big city to find his uncle, hoping to return with a solution. Three brothers the Foreign Legion to escape a troubled past only to find themselves trapped under the command of the sadistic Sergeant Markoff deep in the scorching Sahara.

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Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, BEAUFORT chronicles the final days of an Israeli army unit's tense, painful withdrawal in from a strategic bunker inside a 12th century Crusader fortress near the Lebanese border, marking the end of nearly two decades of controversial occupation. During a fray, Freddie accidentally shoots a judge while trying to protect her boyfriend - she leaves town disguised as a schoolteacher and woos a mine owner while trying to escape persecution.

Approaching the end of his life, a prominent professor of alchemy makes a bargain with the Devil that will gain him youth, fame and riches in exchange for his soul. The wealthy Amelia invites the penniless Becky into the bosom of her family home while the manipulative Becky plots her climb up the social ladder. In order to keep their affair a secret, Terry reports the crime in her place. Classic comedy caper about two cunning conmen on the French Riviera. A small, close-knit community is rocked by a shocking murder— and the only suspect is the teenage son of a respected local family. Suddenly, Dr.

Noted film historian Charles Musser co-wrote and directed this definitive tribute to Edwin S. Porter, the mechanic and cameraman for Thomas Edison, now recognized as a major contributor to the evolution of film structure. Narrated by Blanche Sweet, the documentary features eighteen complete films including Life of an American Fireman, Jack and the Beanstalk and more.

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Three aliens travel to Earth in preparation for a mass invasion, taking possession of human bodies. Inspired by Edward Burne-Jones' painting "King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid", an artist plays matchmaker for a nobleman and a servant girl in this romantic short classic with an original score by Ben Model.

An American silent film classic, Beggars of Life stars Louise Brooks as a train-hopping hobo who dresses like a boy to survive. In the midst of this conflict is Yana, the wife of the community leader, whose familiar world is slowly crumbling around her.

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