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  • I'm 25 years old
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  • I'm cameroonian
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  • Strawberry-blond
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  • Scorpio
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  • My figure type is quite overweight
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  • Red wine
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  • I like country
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Current research has postulated that sexual harassment is one of the most serious social problems. The strategies most commonly used by women to cope with harassment range from avoiding or ignoring the harasser to confronting the harasser or reporting the incident. A total of women were administered a questionnaire the type of harassment, and victim response were manipulated. Moreover, the influence of ideological variables i. perception of sexual harassment was lower in gender harassment than in unwanted sexual attention and participants believed women who confronted their harasser would be evaluated negatively by men.


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While the post was mainly about modesty, a huge part of the conversation to follow was about this woman who confronted me. It was shared on facebook over 9, times — and in one day I had a whopping 89, visitors to my blog!

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Within my post, I was honest that the relationship was strange but I commended her for the way she confronted me privately. I am honestly thankful for her call and if I ran into her in the grocery store today…which could happen — she only lives 15 minutes from me — I could thank her for confronting me because it DID help me.

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And grace would cover everything else…because we are all a work in progress…all of us NEED grace. I think this is a problem within the church amonsgt sisters in Christ. We can become too sensitive and hold grudges against other women who said things in a wrong tone or in an uninvited way.

[enfrentarse o no: la percepción del acoso sexual por parte de la mujer]

The church is made up of people from all different kinds of backgrounds and personalities. But if we respond to every wrong with bitterness, the church will cease to be a light in this dark world.

naughty Laura

Every church has its handfull of difficult people. No church is perfect. This lady said this to me TEN years ago!! I beg you to…. Up to seven times? There are many people in your community who are looking for love and a place to belong. The truth is, everyone needs and wants to be loved, and when people find a church where members genuinely love and care for each other you would have to lock the doors to keep them away.

I want that kind of church!!!! And it starts with ME! I think the focus should not be on others who have hurt us but on ourselves — what are we doing personally to make our church families more warm and loving? So I want to bring this discussion full circle — the last post was about modesty — not about the woman who confronted me.

And this post, is about loving the difficult women in our church — not about the woman who confronted me. We must press on toward maturity and the mark of a mature woman in Christ will be one who loves the Lord so much she is willing to extend grace to her sisters in Christ because that is how Christ loves them. Walk with the King. I LOVE this post. Love is not easily offended and a wise woman takes rebuke.

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You are a very wise woman, Courtney and you handled it in a loving way. We need to listen to our sisters in Christ.

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We are to pursue peace with all men and that is exactly what you did. My thoughts exactly. I had just become pregnant again and was wearing a v neck shirt. I was not used to having anything to be immodest about. A woman quietly whispered in my ear that I was being a distraction to her husband with my clothing.

She was not very warm about it and never spoke again, she actually did not really attend the church anymore, but her words did help me and made me aware of my affect on others. I want to honor God in all I do. I am still a work in progress and am thankful for the abrupt wake up call. I hold no ill feelings toward this woman.

She spoke truth, maybe not with a loving tone, but truth in love as far as being concerned about the affects I was having on the people around me, including her. Thanks for sharing! We need more women who are brave enough to confront things in our lives!! Thanks so much, Courtney for your gracious response. You are right, we need to be love the body of Christ or no one will recognize the body of Christ. Great thoughts!

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I truly believe that if we are hurting any part of the body of Christ, we are hurting our own self, because we are a part of that body. Not just 77 times… Matt. Which I think practically speaking means… every time. Courtney I think this was so beautiful the way you wrote this. Great post! Thanks for hosting! I shared a recipe for spinach tart and also food science information on soaking beans.

My feelings about the woman who confronted me & wlww link-up party!

Amen, amen and amen!! This is definitly inspiring me and encouraging!! We need to be the light also at church, there are many who are hurt there and need love and feel accepted. Thank you for this post, and for sharing your heart and being transparent.

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I also shared an article on omega 3 for depression. Id love to talk to you privately about something not related to this post I am need of some heavy advice. If you could contact me at chrissee21 yahoo. Amen, Courtney!

6 strategies for confronting the other woman

Very well said and written…. These hard issues of life are where the rubber meets the road with our Christian faith and truly letting HIM shine through us when we KNOW we cannot do something in our own power. I grew up in a legalistic environment…. Tank top under a blouse if it dips too much, etc. I believe we can be tastefully fashionable. However, there is always a way to tactfully and lovingly explain this to someone. The confrontation toward you could have been handled much better. You go girl!

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Thanks for sharing. Do unto others still applies. It seems a little degrading. This should have been a sister to sister encounter, not a mother to sister encounter. I just shook my head when I read her approach. I think the approach could have been sweeter.

Perhaps having you over for a cup of tea and talking about what she has learned, vs. THAT is not how anyone really should be treated. I think that is best done by those who love the person in a way that the person knows it. Know what I mean?

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Love, Sarah. Wow Courtney, what a beautiful… graceful post in reply. I literally am stunned by the beauty. Thank you!

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Wonderful post and you are a very kind and gracious woman. Grudges are such a waste of time… you just fester and rot… Have a wonderful day! This I think is the most amazing post, and my favorite on your site to date!!! This truly reflects the heart of Christ and is an example of how we should love others even when they hurt our feelings or they are our enemies.

Yes, grace and love are necessary on both sides. There is a necessity to pray BEFORE we exhort others, and a necessity for those exhorted to pray about their response, as well. I am so glad you responded!

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Finding out that your husband has violated his marriage vows for an affair with another woman can be devastating.


The woman at the center of the now-viral clip of Tony Robbins , in which he seemed to dismiss the goals of the MeToo movement, told ABC News' "Nightline" today that she felt "pushed" to stand and confront Robbins for his rhetoric.


A woman in Seattle, Washington, is facing criticism after sharing a video on TikTok in which she confronts an older man who was photographing her on a public outdoor path.


The woman at the center of the now-viral clip of Tony Robbins , in which he seemed to dismiss the goals of the MeToo movement, told ABC News' "Nightline" today that she felt "pushed" to stand and confront Robbins for his rhetoric.