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Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology.

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A facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. It compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match. It can be used for everything from surveillance to marketing.

If privacy is important to you, you probably want some control over how your personal information — your data — is used.

Facial recognition defined

You might be good at recognizing faces. You probably find it a cinch to identify the face of a family member, friend, or acquaintance. Where you see a face, recognition technology sees data. That data can be stored and accessed. For instance, half of all American adults have their images stored in one or more facial-recognition databases that law enforcement agencies can search, according to a Georgetown University study.

Step 1. A picture of your face is captured from a photo or video.

What is facial recognition? how facial recognition works

Your face might appear alone or in a crowd. Your image may show you looking straight ahead or nearly in profile. Step 2.

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Facial recognition software re the geometry of your face. Key factors include the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin. The software identifies facial landmarks — one system identifies 68 of them — that are key to distinguishing your face. The result: your facial ature. Step 3. Your facial ature — a mathematical formula — is compared to a database of known faces. And consider this: At least million Americans have images of their faces in one or more police databases.

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According to a May report, the FBI has had access to million facial images for searches. Step 4. A determination is made.

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Your faceprint may match that of an image in a facial recognition system database. You can trace the history of facial recognition to the s. Because of this work, Bledsoe is known as the unofficial father of facial recognition technology.

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And in the s through the s, agencies developed their own facial recognition systems. These were crude compared to the technology today, but the work on these systems did lead the way to modern facial recognition programs. Many point to as a key year for facial recognition technology. Inin fact, facial recognition software confirmed the identity of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Inthe Baltimore police department used facial recognition to identify those who participated in protests after Freddie Gray was killed by a spinal injury that he suffered while being transported in a police van.

Consumers now use facial recognition with their smartphones and other personal devices. There has been controversy over this technology, with critics saying it is an invasion of privacy. Cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and Boston have banned governments from using facial recognition. And after Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality in the summer ofseveral tech giants, including Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, announced that they would no longer sell their facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies.

Critics worry that facial recognition could lead to false identifications. What if a police department uses facial recognition technology to incorrectly identify someone breaking a store window during a riot as a person who was nowhere near the event? How likely is it that this could happen? That depends. Tests by the National Institute of Standards and Technology say that as of April ofthe best face identification algorithm boasted an error rate of just 0.

That's a big improvement fromwhen the best algorithm had an error rate of 4. The story said that facial recognition algorithms can hit accuracy scores as high as In the real world, though, accuracy rates are usually lower.

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Error rates rose especially when subjects were not looking directly at the camera or were partially hidden by shadows or objects. Aging is another challenge. The Facial Recognition Vendor Test said that middle-tier facial recognition algorithms had error rates that jumped by nearly a factor of 10 when they attempted to match photos of subjects that had been taken 18 years earlier. A lot of people and organizations use facial recognition — and in a lot of different places.

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Facial recognition databases play a ificant role in law enforcement today. According to a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, law enforcement agencies routinely collect mugshots from those who have been arrested and compare them to local, state, and federal facial recognition databases.

Law enforcement agencies can sift through these mugshot databases to identify people in photos taken from a variety of sources: closed-circuit television cameras, traffic cameras, social media, or photos that police officers have taken themselves.

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Police officers can also use their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices to snap photos of drivers or pedestrians and immediately compare their photo against the faces in one or more facial recognition databases, the Electronic Frontier Foundation says. And law enforcement has used facial recognition at large events such as concerts, sporting events, or the Olympics to identity people who might be wanted in connection with crimes.

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The federal government can use several facial recognition systems. This database contains more than 30 million facial records. Businesses use facial recognition in a variety of ways today, usually to make it easier for consumers to use their products or services. Here are some examples:.

Facial (disambiguation)

Traveling : British Airways uses facial recognition to make it easier for U. Passengers can have their faces scanned by a camera to verify their identity. This way, they can board their flights without having to show a passport or boarding pass. Apple : Apple could be considered a pioneer in facial recognition.

The tech giant has long allowed consumers to unlock their phones, log into apps, and make purchases just by showing their face to their smartphones and other devices. Driving : Automakers are testing facial recognition technology to help cut down on car theft. Consider Project Mobil: Ford and Intel are testing a project in which a dashboard camera uses facial recognition to identify the primary driver of a car and, perhaps, other authorized drivers. The tech could prevent a car from starting if someone other than a rightful driver is sitting behind the wheel.

Other financial institutions are testing facial recognition to allow customers to use their phone's cameras to approve online purchases. Insurance : Cigna allows customers in China to file health insurance claims using their photos instead of a written ature. Even soft drinks : Coca-Cola has been a longtime user of facial recognition. For instance, the company uses the technology to reward customers for recycling at some of its vending machines in China.

It also uses facial recognition to send customers in some countries personalized when they use vending machines. As a relatively new technology, we're still understanding the pros and cons of facial recognition. But here is a brief list of both the positives and possible negatives of this technology. Finding missing people : With facial recognition, law enforcement agencies have been able to track down missing children, sometimes even after they've been missing for years.

Facial expressions, emotions, and languages

Identifying criminals : Law enforcement agencies can also use facial recognition to identify criminals or suspects in crimes. Making flying safer : Airports across the globe are using facial recognition to identify criminals and potential threats as they enter airports or try to board flights. More efficient shopping? Retailers can use facial recognition to make it easier for consumers to check out. Instead of forcing customers to pay with cash or credit, retailers can use facial recognition to immediately charge their purchases to their s.

A threat to privacy? Do you want your face saved in a database that law enforcement agencies can tap? Do you want retailers to have a saved image of your face? Many critics worry that facial recognition is one more erosion of personal privacy. Mistaken identity : Facial recognition isn't perfect. What if a law enforcement agency mistakenly identifies you as a criminal suspect when you're filing into your favorite ballpark?

It can be tricked : Criminals can trick facial recognition by wearing masks or facial disguises.

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