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New Year in Bulgaria Bulgaria celebrates the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, December 31, as almost everywhere in the world - with fireworks, open air concerts and Phone sex local Blue Ash programs.


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Krumov is a cinematography student who has been playing ultimate since The conversation centered around ultimate in Bulgaria and the Eastern Balkans. When did ultimate start in Bulgaria, and could you say a little bit about the community as a whole? SC: Ultimate in Bulgaria started in Sofia. There are two teams now, but it started 10 years ago. A guy named Lyubomir came across it; either a video online, or on TV, but he convinced friends in his neighborhood to play. Our team is self-taught. There have been a few big players or people with a lot of skills and drills that have come through, but, for the most part, the team has organized and taught Itself by looking in other places.

DK: To add, the kind of philosophy, the concept of ultimate here in Sofia is on the same level as ultimate in [American] universities in the sixties. Childhood friends from one neighborhood discovered something new, and they liked the idea, so they started pulling people around them in to the community.

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Ten years ago, a girl from Germany, Nasrin, brought the first discs to our city. It was only then that the seed was planted. What is that? You get better by going to tournaments, learning what other teams do, by having to play at your highest level, and we only get that opportunity every now and then.

Five-on-five indoor was just introduced this season. We try to take time off to go to one big tournament in Western Europe in June or July, and we do a training week at the seaside. We host a fall tournament every year called Disc of Peace. UW: What does the community in Bulgaria look like, and what, if any, kind of outreach do you do to try to grow the sport and community?

DK: There are probably around 50 people that know about the sport, have played, understand the rules, and go to practices. You have people that come and go, drift away, and there are other people outside of this 50 that know about it and sometimes come play. SC: We bring in mostly friends, but every year we take part in a festival called Live Actively that has showcase games for sports, hosted by the city. People have tried to do demonstrations at high schools, Shopski was on national TV one time, and Blue Caps have done a lot of recruitment. Being seen and getting people to understand what ultimate is has been hard.

We have an event called Disc of Challenge, where seven players from our team bring back seven new players each, and we have a small tournament. UW: What kind of balance do you try to strike between being a serious team and a fun team?

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I think each player tries to do more and more and more each practice, and the result is visible at tournaments. First, as a feeling, and then as an action.

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There are no subs and very few breaks. The aspirations are to be very competitive, but just by nature of who we are, and how we survive, we have to be flexible. You have to meet people where they are.

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We take in new players throughout the entire year, there is no introductory period. This team is going to bleed, cry and sweat all over the field.

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It brings us together on and off the field. It makes us care more and push each other more. Every teddy bear has a grizzly bear inside. UW: So you would say that the atmosphere in the Balkans is quite cooperative overall?

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The relationships between teams are very strong. Sometimes, we put teams together with people from Poland, Romania, Sofia, Serbia, or whoever is free and wants to travel. There is aggression as well, but the atmosphere is overwhelmingly cooperative. SC: We want to play at Windmill.

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And I want to get more involved with the school system and the university system, so we can start recruiting players at younger ages. We want to make sure that it has a future. We have to have patience. Ned Garvey is a member of the European staff. Ultiworld on Facebook.

Budding Ultimate in Bulgaria. UW: So what does a typical season look like?

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DK: It revolves around traveling around the Balkans quite a lot. DK: We try to participate as much as possible, wherever we can. UW: So what ambitions do you have for your team, and for Bulgarian ultimate? UW: What about a national team? UW: Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Be healthy, be well.

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