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  • My age:
  • I'm 38 years old
  • Ethnicity:
  • I'm from Britain
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  • Hetero
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  • Fem
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  • Capricorn
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  • My body type is thin
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  • Beer
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  • In my spare time I love fishing


Don't know your size?


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Most people will agree that size matters when it comes to a man's member. It could be because you have listened to too many parodies of Enzyte commercials, it could be that you have had a guy who was too small for you, or it could be that you have experienced a man whose size was in the double digits.

Is his penis too big? here are seven ways to deal with it

Believe it or not, being too big can be just as bad as being too small. Dating a hung man without knowing how to deal with an extra long penis, or a wide penis, can be tough.

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Sex with a thick penis can actually be very difficult, and even painful for many women. Though there will always be size queens who swear by them, most women prefer to have a little advice for less painful sex. Here are some of the tips that you will need for being able to enjoy sex with a giant penis.

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Use sex positions that minimize the amount of penetration that you will get. This means that you should try positions that make it difficult for your man to go all the way inside of you. Avoid doggie style and other positions that fall into this category.

Train him Explain to him that it can be very painful to be pounded by someone with a thick penis. Ask him to be gentle, and get him to listen to the needs that you have.

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After all, sex isn't fun if you need to keep a bottle of Ibuprofen by your nightstand in order to bear it. Use about a quarter size of lube before you start having sex. It makes penetration a lot easier for the both of you, and often turns that pain into pleasure!

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Ask him for help. A well endowed man often is very, very aware of the pain that he can cause a woman by going too rough, too fast, or without enough lube. However, communication still will be a good way to have better sex. Asking him if he knows any remedies to this issue can be a very wise choice. Note: Ladies, if you cannot stand the idea of your current partner having a sexual past, you shouldn't ask this question That's just ridiculous.

Ease into it. You will need to get used to the size before you can take a rough roll in the hay.

9 tips for sleeping with well-endowed men

Start slow, and slowly build up the pace. Don't try to take it all in one leap. Women often need to get aroused to the point that they can handle a big penis head, or an extra long shaft, for that matter. Purchase Toys Finally, if it's an extra long penis you are dealing with, you can purchase specific sex toys called 'limiters'.

These toys are essentially a thin ring of soft rubber or vinyl that slides down the base of the penis and limits the length that will enter the vagina during intercourse. They can seem a bit silly at first, but if your intercourse is fraught with anxiety about one thrust too deep, the freedom they allow can be wonderful for you and your man with his deliciously extra large penis.

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Getting used to a wide or an extra large penis can definitely take some time but just keep in mind that your vagina is just like the rest of the muscles in your body. You might not be able to touch your toes at the moment because the muscles in the back of your legs are too tight, but with exercise and stretching, gradually the muscles will lengthen and stretch to where you want them to go. Relationships: Sexuality Jane L. Home » Relationships » Sexuality.

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