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  • Years:
  • I'm 34 years old
  • Sexual identity:
  • Guy
  • Color of my hair:
  • Golden
  • My figure features:
  • My body features is chubby
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Techno
  • What is my hobbies:
  • In my spare time I love sports


TV Films.


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My girlfriend says she wants someone to watch us have sex. Which, honestly I'm fine with. We've been together two years and the sex is still magnificent even after having a baby. We've made a commitment to be completely sexually uninhibited with one another, so she told me that.

house wife Linda

I think it's kind of sexy that she wants this, plus the thought turns me on as well. How can we achieve this, though? For obvious reasons, we don't want to go through Craigslist.

My girlfriend wants us to go see this movie. that isn't really my type of movies to see. she has been telling me that we should go. should i or not?

Chatroulette and Omegle she has a personal issue with, plus we're both kind of on the "not-so-skinny" side and I'm afraid that people on random webchats will make comments. She's very self-conscious and most likely won't go through this at all, but I'm going to try and get some options before I bring it up to her. Has anyone been successful in having someone watch, IRL or over webcam?

eye-candy floozy Valery

How did you do it? Any tips? Why not try the Gonewild Chatroom?

sexy whore Camille

Very open and friendly group there. Redditor for Redditor theres a subreddit for that. Should be able to find someone there. In my admittedly limited time on Cam4. I am not a skinny girl, but my body was still appreciated and copiously complimented by about anonymous viewers. You don't even have to read the chat if you don't want to, either.

stunner women Myla

Does she want a male or female or couple to watch? Does she want them to be in the room or watch on webcam? Does she want them also engaging in sexual activity or masturbating?

My bisexual dilemma: girlfriend wants to watch while i sleep with another guy

What sexual acts does she want to perform? Really talk it out before you do it. Or, if there's a swing club in your area, go there and just have public sex in front of the other people.

hot floozy Samantha

You don't have to interact with anyone else if you don't want to. Adult Friend Finder is such a waste of time. Never had any luck there - for anything.

Why i like to watch my girlfriend with other men

The convention at our club is that you pull a rope across the door but leave the door or window open if you don't mind people watching, and some of the rooms are specifically deed for exhibitionism. What is the mysterious obvious reason so many people keep mentioning about Craigslist?

I've used it for general hooking up, and so far haven't had any incidences that would give obvious reasons for not wanting to use it. Take those pics down.

horney babe Nevaeh

Trust me. It's not good to have those circulating with the associated info. Take it down right away. You never know what can happen. This is the internet.

ebony prostitute Karter

No response to the advice yet I guess his girlfriend really did kill him. Found the internet! My girlfriend says she wants someone to watch. How can we obtain this?

My girlfriend wants to watch me have sex with another guy 😕 ?

Sort by: best. I was thinking the same thing. Guess I'll take one for the team.

cutie girlfriend Melody

Continue this thread. Great idea that, now take the pics down.

My girlfriend says she wants someone to watch. how can we obtain this?

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Uh, the only way that'd make sense is if the girl were using a strapon.


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Some people are aroused by being spanked or handcuffed or having their hair pulled.