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In past months, I imagine everyone noticed an apparent lack of space for this column. Well, we begin a new format this month, which will hopefully solve our problem. With that in mind, let's give our congratulations to 13 new Full Members!


BOX E. A few of the above have already started to contribute to the club. How about the rest? Don't be bashful, jump right in. Your support will be appreciated. The more you put into the club, the more you will get out of it in pleasure! You can also mail directly to each editor if you prefer.

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Their deadline is the 12th of the month. If your name is not on a logging, it may wind up in the trash can.

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What a waste! Many will remember Larry as an ex -editor of the club. We welcome Larry to this very important position. Your comments, pro or con, should now be directed to Larry, on club matters. This will include all club members who do not object to their name and address being made available. So, if you DO object to having your name included drop a post card to HQS so stating and your name will be left out. All procedes go to help the handicapped in our hobby. Get that check or cash off today. Mail directly to club HQS and please note what the money if for. Ralph finds college studies tootime consuming to continue editing a column.

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We thank you Ralph for your FE job. Be sure to send all material for the Europe section to Terry from now on. This is very helpful aid for those tuning MHz, the tropical bands. Listed by frequency, the TBS gives the stations using each frequency, the power and operating hours where known, and much more.

Airmail cost is 10 IRCs. This covers English to all parts of the world.

Step 2, - locate trimmer capacitor ct and adjust e [iii. asin. x, - locate 2 aspirin tablets k november vol. x no.

Listed both by time and by Country, this is a handy reference. Brad would like particularly like to hear from folks who have used both sets. Membership is open to all DXers within miles of the Chicago area. The Postal Service has placed an embargo on mail to Chad because of "a lack of transportation into the country". Mail sent to Chad will be returned to the sender with a postage refund available. It is now 31G. Can be hand drawn in ink or paste-ups.

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Size should not exced 7" x 9" overall. Please read the following carefully and order by the deadline. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for confirmation of shipment. All orders are accepted with a guarantee of immediate refund at any time before shipment, without question.

Nsa bringing you everything. .

Inquiries welcome at until midnight PST. No collect calls please. Well gang, this may be the best offer you get on the WRTH. Remember the deadline is the 10th of December. Do you have a copy? If so you can mail it directly to Peter or, you can send the original to HQS and we will make a copy for him and return the original to you.

We have several members with this receiver so how about it? Write to:mckay Dymek, P. BoxClaremont, CA for more info. They have a very attractive broucher to send you.

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He wrote many columns in those days and knew many of the pioneers in radio. Mort, late of 29 Palms, California, passed away recently after a fall from his roof while working on antennas. But, we have many members who are into scanning. We present the following info for their benefit. Order from:crb Research, P. It is well and growing. This is a 4 supplement of "hot" and "late" SW news. Deadline to the GRAM is the 15th.

Speedx the dx radio magazine

It usually gets back to you by the 20th. If you have not seen the GRAM, why not send for a sample and see what it is all about? He presents a roundup of the Country and Western music scene in Australia today. The program features requested music and information.

Tune in Mon at GMT on khz. The programs scheduled may disappoint some listeners, but they fulfill the latest addition to RCI's official mandate --to better serve Canadians abroad.

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HCJB offers a weekly program for stamp enthusiasts. It is not heard to Europe presently. If you are interested in stamps, this is one program you won't want to miss. Tune in Nov. It is scheduled from Nov. Let's now get TE-touch with the Dutch Radio Nederland has just published their new program guide for the upcoming six-month period.

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This 12 - booklet contains photos and articles on Holland as well as Radio Nederland program and frequency information. You can obtain this guide by writing to RN at P. BoxWellington, New Zealand. Please include IRCs for an air reply. Be sure to tell them what you think of the programs.

To be on top of all the VOA program changes, write for their program schedule. Phil is active in community environmental and conservation activities.

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An outdoorsman, he enjoys riding, tennis, canoeing and hiking Vatican Radio publishes a monthly program booklet for its listeners. Frequencies wereae in October. For those interested in Albania, see the latest National Geographic. Until December, good listening! MFJ Enterprises has now made available two models.

Plug your auto antenna into the converter,and plug the converter's lead into the auto radio then listen! In case you are not familiar with a "converter"; it is just that: a converter!

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It changes SW frequencies to a range your Car radio can receive. This combined with a car set gives a "dual conversion" receiver. Sensitivity and selectivity will depend quite a bit on two factors. First, the quality of the auto set, and what type antenna is used. Don't expect much out of those new built-in "windshield" antennas in the new c'rs, as they are very noor.

If you want top performance out of your converter, spend slew extra dollars and install a standard "whip" antenna, telescopic or fixed type More information on these converters and a comparison to the Grundig when the information becomes available f Q. SITOR is a system in itself. The operator types on his machine as normal, but he is, in effect, communicating with a microprocessor. The teletype runs at 50 baud 66 WPM. The microprocessor stores the information and sends it out in three character groups at baud WPM.

These groups are sent in about 0.

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