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The late character actor Pat Cranshaw finally found a breakout role in as Old School 's year-old fratboy ''Blue'' Pulaski. His rheumy eyes and grizzled presence made him an ace foil for his lugnut ''brothers,'' even as he embodied the fake fraternity's schlumpy loser ethos.

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Sadly, Blue passes away halfway through the movie while wrestling in a kiddie tub full of KY jelly, no less — but not before stealing every scene he's in. Sidekick to: Earl J. Hickey My Name Is Earl My Name Is Earl 's title character has made a lot of mistakes, but keeping his brother by his side isn't one of them. With like innocence and almost touching stupidity, Randy follows Earl on his quest for karmic redemption like a really, really dumb bulldog.

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He'll even give Earl a swirly if that means Earl can cross something off his list. And who can blame Randy if he's sometimes sidelined by a paralyzing fear of chickens? They do seem like nasty birds.

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He wasn't What's Happening!! That would have to be Dee, who spoke in that devastatingly hilarious monotone.

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Come to think of it, both Shirley the waitress and dim-bulb Dwayne ''Nuh-huh'' were funnier too. But Rerun played the essential role of the clown — the one usually on the receiving end of a withering putdown — with a hearty grace and a rubbery physicality he was show's best dancer.

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Besides, how can you not trust a friend who has the courage to wear a fire-engine-red beret? Very dangerous.

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That said, this Egyptian digger hardly needs to prove himself, having already saved Indy from death ''Bad dates'' and despair ''They're digging in the wrong place! Big, burly, and full of life — Steven Spielberg cast John Rhys-Davies in the role specifically for his Falstaff-like features — Sallah has no problem keeping up with this Jones. Sure, a selfish, larcenous, beer-swilling robot whose catchphrase is ''Bite my shiny metal ass'' might not seem the optimal friend in need. But Bender wasn't entirely without an empathty chip: as he touchingly said of his boneheaded buddy, ''Fry, of all the friends I've had Sidekick to: Dr.

Frankenstein Young Frankenstein It's difficult to imagine how Dr. Who else fuels the boss' God complex? Who else digs up the fresh corpses? Most importantly, who else flips the giant switch? Marty Feldman's bug-eyed hunchback-in-denial brought new life to the mischievous character in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.

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His loyalty and quick one-liners were nothing short of abby-normal He pesters, he jesters, he lip-syncs to Otis Redding's ''Try a Little Tenderness'' — all in the name of unrequited devotion to social outcast Andie. Never mind that the whiny-but-lovable New Waver receives one of filmdom's cruelest heave-hos — something tells us that when slick Blane eventually dumped Andie oh, you know it happenedDuckie was right there with an Aqua Net-flecked shoulder to cry on.

On the big screen, Daily Planet photographer and cub reporter Jimmy Olsen is relegated to playing Clark's and Superman's gee-whiz cheerleader. Fromthough, Olsen not only merited his own spin-off comic, he often took on temporary superpowers — Elastic Lad! Giant Turtle Boy! And then there was the time Superman as a witch doctor married Jimmy to ''the female King Kong. Whether helping his nebbish-y client swipe a doll's head from his own daughter or pilfering a 5-wood from a casket, Jeff doesn't just indulge David's paranoid delusions and crazy scams — he enables Larry's entire misanthropic worldview.

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That is, when he's not allowing Larry's wife Cheryl to ''pop in'' on his fantasies. Sidekick to: Winnie-the-Pooh Winnie the Pooh franchise present. Piglet is timid, skittish, and self-conscious; Pooh's oblivious, adventurous, and rumbly-in-my-tumbly goofy. They were made for each other!

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The final piece of Pooh's inner trinity along with Christopher Robinthe little porker is not afraid to pooh-pooh Winnie for being a Silly Old Bear. Still, at the end of the day it's Pooh that Piglet looks to for support: ''Pooh!

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Sidekick to: Jack Tripper Three's Company Three's Company 's Jack Tripper had to sublimate his heterosexual urges to keep Mr. Roper happy, but his good buddy Larry boasted enough libido for the both of them. Though the tall, dark, and hairy used-car salesman had trouble finding a woman who couldn't resist his copious chest pelt — which was usually aglint with some kind of gaudy gold — Larry never failed to smooth over Jack's myriad misunderstandings with his oily lothario charm.

This Regal Beagle horndog was truly man's best friend. Is it the weed or divine patience that keeps this portly, man- of-few-words -servant mellow enough to stand by the lanky, foul-mouthed, and frequently offensive Jay? With heroic dedication and resolve, Bob endures Jay's verbal abuse nicknames like ''fatty,'' ''lunchbox,'' and ''tons of fun''selflessly and wordlessly dispenses advice with a meaningful nod.

And — whether dispatching demons or explaining an esoteric film title — Bob can be counted on to save the day. Lane rocks the sidekick role in a distinctly Gilmore Girls fashion: She brings the wit and pop culture references as fast and sure as the Girls themselves, but never outshines Rory's true No. Lane's own mother — the fearsome antiques maven Mrs.

And while she's got her own thing going on the drumming career, the intraband marriageshe'd never try to steal the spotlight, like Rory's rival-turned-roomie, Paris. For more than three decades, this Canadian has been Letterman's trusted music man, but the perpetually shaded Shaffer remains somewhat of a mystery. Paul may be an enigma outside of the Late Showbut his even-keeled demeanor and easy, plentiful laughter neatly complement Dave's cantankerous wit.

As practical as a towel and as dependable as the automobile he accidentally named himself after, Ford Prefect — Arthur Dent's boozing, Betelgeusian buddy from Douglas Adams' kooky, universe-spanning epic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy — is perhaps the best traveling companion any ape-descendant could have.

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He saved Arthur from certain destruction countless times while chaperoning him to unknown worlds, and such was the strength of Ford's character that he was able to survive the tale's many iterations — from radio to novels to TV to film — without ever losing his cosmic cool. Without Flo, Alice's whole heart-and-soul-of-Mel's Diner routine would be one big yawn.

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Polly Holiday's sexy not beautiful, and all the hotter for it Southern belle was the much-needed spice in that Arizona greasy spoon known for its chili. Alice 's chemistry never recovered when Flo left for her own ill-fated spin-off, despite the subsequent drawling bombshells who tried to take her place. Replace Flo? Her catchphrase the mark of the most elite class of sidekick says it all: Kiss my grits!

Sidekick to: Fred Flintstone Flinstones franchise The Flintstones was conceived as the prehistoric Honeymoonerswhich makes Barney the Norton see No. Barney voiced by the great Mel Blanc, the genius behind Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck was squat and had enormous feet, and you know what they say about big feet: It must be why he attracted such a cave-babe as his curvy wife, Betty. Sometimes involving cross-dressing.

Cut to the front door swinging open, followed by a moronic, nasal ''Hell-ohh! But while best pals Lenny and Squiggy may have lacked social and hygienic skills, they did genuinely care for the girls. Which is why, in many a episode, they found themselves stuck in the middle of a harebrained plan.

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The guitarist has fared less well on his own The Onion dubbed his solo release Phunk Shui the year's ''least essential'' albumbut could Hall have scored eight No. No can do! His serious fear of girls relegates him to second-air-guitar status, but underneath that meek exterior beats the heart of a loyal wingman impersonating a cop to spy on Wayne's latest crusha crafty partner in crime expertly repositioning broadcast satellites to a record exec's limoand a brave confidant admitting an attraction to Bugs Bunny in drag.

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May you party on, most noble Garth! Admit it: Mick's autocratic airs would be wholly unbearable without Keef's shambolic bluster to offset them. Besides, the grizzled ax-slinger has always grasped that backing up a flamboyant frontman has three prerequisites: an never-ending dedication to finding the next killer riff; the ability to play brilliantly when medicated; and the willingness to tell your lead singer that his latest idea is a load of bollocks.

The Big Lebowski character may be a little unstable and have questionable taste in fashion, but if you're a Dude in need of a beefy bowling partner or someone to help kick some Nihilist ass, then look no further than Mr. He's definitely the guy you want in your corner when involved in a case of mistaken identity — after all, Walter didn't watch his buddies die facedown in the muck to see his best friend menaced by a guy named Wu. Plus, he's capable of delivering one hell of a heartwarming eulogy ''Donny was a good bowler There's no shortage of fools, clowns, and jesters in Shakespeare's canon, but none is more renowned than Falstaff, who held an honored place in Prince Hal's ragtag entourage despite his less-than-royal looks.


He's been called, among other things, a ''fat-kidneyed rascal'' and ''huge hill of flesh''. On The Larry Sanders Showhe was never more than a couch's length away, with his catchphrase ''Hey now!

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Clueless about comedy, wildly misinformed about his own showbiz importance, Kingsley was an Ed McMahon without the charm or self-awareness. But all these debits for the the boobish, boorish Kingsley added up to one irreplaceable credit to Larry Sanders, giving the insecure host exactly what he needed — an on-air scapegoat.

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What are your allergen policies?


This essay focuses on the vital importance of the presence of the sidekick for the working class hero in contemporary British films.


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What are your allergen policies?