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  • My age:
  • I'm 29 years old
  • Ethnic:
  • Danish
  • Iris color:
  • I’ve got lively blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • I like to drink:
  • Gin
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  • Swimming
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  • None


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in. If you are a boy you are welcome as well, maybe it will help you understand how most of the times women world works. Or at least world that I was expose too.

I am lucky.

Why this topic today? As we have International Day of Girl Child! Hope you know it! While travelling and exploring the world I was trying to identify what is this one thing that represent women world no matter where I am?

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What is this one struggle that every women has? Who is the biggest enemy of a women?

When I was in primary school I was though to compete with other girls in the classroom. No matter what was a subject teachers, parents were always asking me how did my compare to other girls. Then secondary school came where beside your mind beauty standards came into place.

Oh boy, that was a nightmare. For a girl like me, short and a bit chubby compering myself with those tall, blond girls who were participating in all sports competition was impossible. High school.

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You feel like you need to fit in. Let me add one thing. I was changing diets like every month just to look good, I was going every week for a party just to get attention, as if I will miss one some other girl my get.

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I was living with a fear of not being accepted because other girls a simply better or more worth it that I am. Look better, get better scores, wear better clothes, have better boyfriend, be appreciated more… I could list more and more examples.

I just wanted to be better than other women, without focusing on being myself. How many times did you look in a mirror and you doubted yourself, and instead appreciating your own beauty you compered yourself to someone else? I did it multiple times, and I am not proud of it.

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Today we have International Girl Child Day and I wonder what would happen with all girls in the world if instead of competing would empower themselves to be the best possible version of women that we could be? Would would happen if potential of every girl would be unleash just by power of being herself?

After some years living in a trap of jealousy, negativity and comparison towards other women I met some incredible women that showed me how female friendship can work. I am lucky to have group of women that lifts me up in a moments that I need it, who recognise my uniqueness, supports and challenges my life choices having in mind my good as first principle.

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When I cry, they cry with me, when I laugh they listen to my laughter. When I settle for less they will always point my ambition and that I deserve more. They showed me that having healthy relationship with other women is possible and I will be forever grateful for it.

Now, instead of judging and feel insecure I support all women that I met on my way as I know that behind every successful women there is tribe of other successful women that have her back. So, dear ladies I have your back, no matter who you are. I know that creating this voice of support inside of you towards other women might take time.

There is always lots of temptation around that will push you to behave differently. To all girls out there, I wish you a lot of self love and strength in just doing you, and helping other women do the same. You go girl! Thank you.

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Born in Poland, world citizen by nature. Passionate about education. Wine lover.

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