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The Virginia Department of Forestry is warning people to keep their social distance from a very furry-looking caterpillar. Its body is covered in venomous spines, the Virginia Department of Forestry says.

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Reports of puss caterpillar sightings are popping up in Virginia — which may be because it's the prime season for Megalopyge opercularissaid Dr. The creature typically measures no more than 1. Touch one and within minutes you could suffer intense pain, a swelling, itchy rash and blotches. More serious side effects, such as fever, cramps and nausea and vomiting or even shock symptoms are also possible in the worst cases, according to researchers at the University of Florida.

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If you encounter one, health insurer Cigna says it's important to call your doctor. In September, one woman in New Kent County, Virginia, touched a puss caterpillar and was so badly hurt she went to an emergency room, The Daily Progress reported.

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The puss caterpillar lives in an area from New Jersey to Florida, including in a few eastern Virginia counties, the Virginia Department of Forestry says. Ren Oliver was eating on the deck of her Tappahannock, Virginia, home on Sept. Luckily, the boy had spent the summer reading about bugs and told his family it might be dangerous.

The puss caterpillar may look like a toupee, but it's actually one of america's most dangerous caterpillars

They picked the caterpillar up with a paper towel and threw it into a river nearby. Since then, Oliver says she's heard of two others who were unlucky enough to get a full venomous sting.

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You can identify them based on their long, hairy bodies that range in color from yellow to tan to brown. Puss caterpillars are venomous and therefore dangerous from the time they hatch until they spin into a cocoon, about 46 days.

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Once they emerge as the southern flannel moth, they no longer have those spines. Montgomery County Oct 3, Our redeed local news and weather app is live!

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Hundreds of people in the D. But the murder hornet, named the Asian giant hornet, has only been found in Washington state in the United States. Think you saw one?

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Here is how to identify one. This furry-looking bug was found outside a Tappahannock, Virginia, home in September It appears to be a venomous puss caterpillar.

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By Jo Tweedy For Mailonline.


First, it was murder hornets.


WJZ — Virginia forestry officials are warning residents about a hairy, venomous caterpillar spotted in the state.