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Perhaps I'm missing something, but I see the word "requests" used a few times in this article. I added copy paste-tags, for the following reasons, part evidenced, part suspected. Note first, as described above, the "Etymology" and "Classical philanthropy" are unsourced essays, which San pedro online dating chat originally ascribed to editor WP:OR. Lonely older ladies search friends community Personals matchmaking america on line online singles dating. Uk Pictures have emerged of a biker with no registration plate and no helmet jumping a red light and barely missing a pedestrian. VIP Felicity.


What about the 1 billion Ted Turner donated to the United Nations?

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Why is it that if it's from the wealthy it's "Philanthropy" but when its from regular folks its just "charity"??? Giving by the Rich is usually good but it usually helps the Giver "Philanthropist's" Image more than it does the donee! Sure, the focuses may be different; but that's simply because billionaires CAN literally use their money to do pretty much whatever the fuck they want with, and don't even feel it.

Furthermore, look at the Wiki article for just about any billionaire you can think of minus Donald Trump, naturally. Bet every single one of them says 'philanthropist' in the lede! One would begin to think that billionaire and philanthropist have become near perfect synonyms.

Firejuggler86 talk12 January UTC. In the case of someone like Gates, If I understand tax law properly, Gates never recognized gains on his Microsoft stock because he never sold it. But when he donates it to charity, its basis would be stepped up tax free and he would get a charitable contribution write-off equal to the value of the stock at the time he donated it. This is less of a factor today as, our capital gains taxes are ridiculously low.

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Links from this - to what I feel are an important set of article - which I had inserted have been removed:. The articles are by Frank Prochaska of Yale University, probably the most prominent academic on British philanthropy. Do others agree these links should be restored? I was very disappointed in this .

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Barely a stub. Needs a lot of work. Wish I could do some of it now, but it'll have to wait.

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Here is an external link to a resource, for anyone who might wish to beat me to it. Needs facts like Bill Gates is the 1 philanthropist giving away I will also add information in this talk if I can find some in a reputed print book. I think, whoever has the abilty, time, motivation, and info to clean up this could add some info about carnegie and the "Gospel of Wealth" but overall it gives a very simplified description that was useful for my purposes.

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I'll look to 'adopt' this when I get a chance I'm of the view that it does not make sense to merge it with charity. I agree that this needs a lot of work.

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I'd suggest starting by adding a reasonable history of philanthropy to give the some context. Also useful would be: American Philanthropy, Robert H. Bremmer, Chicago University Press. As of Junethe largest charity giving ever in the U. I removed the reference to "the betterment of human beings" from the "Usage" section.

Wouldn't large donations to animal rights or human-independent ecological concerns be concerned philanthropic, even in the conventional sense? Wbakker227 June UTC. I just reverted an edit to the definition which while unsourced and written in a fairly POV manner contained some interesting assertions that would be good to incorporate if verifiable. Anyone know where this might have come from? I moved the Philanthropist article to a new name: List of philanthropists.

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The ly existing articles that redirected to Philanthropist will now redirect to this article now:. This is a subject that I think should be put into the article. Here is one reference. This is outside my interests and expertise. I hope somebody picks up the ball, so to speak.

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The links at the bottom of the describe the two as ' opposite ' According to philanthropy article: 'Philanthropy is the act of donating money, goods, time, or effort to support a charitable cause Either the definition in the articles is incorrect and should be changed or the links are incorrect and should be changed. Nowiky talk27 April UTC. There seems to be a fundamental overlap between these two articles. While the article on Charity practice currently seems to have more of a focus on religiously motivated giving, that isn't necessarily fundamental to the concept any more. The current content in the article would seem to fit in a discussion of Philanthropy under religiously motivated giving.

There are important differences between pure "charity" and "philanthropy". Charity refers to the instance or practice of giving to the less fortunate, especially in the context of very pressing humanitarian needs such as disaster relief, or care for the sick.

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For instance, the act of building a library in every US town providing that the town supply the land and the staff is an act of philanthropy in this case, Carnegie's ; similarly, the funding of onngoing university research e. Similarly in the case of micro-enterprise loans to the poor; delivery of money, medicine or food as gifts would be "charity"; giving a loan that needs to be paid back as part of a program to help the poor is not; it is a form of "philanthropy".

Certainly, there is much overlap between the aims, methods, and of charity and philanthropy. But they are different. Note also that the US government, for tax purposes, distinguishes between "public charities" and "private foundations", both of which are concerned with giving. I would therefore suggest keeping separate entries. Icewater5 talk24 July UTC. I think the 2 articles should be kept seperate. While yes there are a lot of similarities, those who donate to charity, offten donate one time, and a small amount.

Where as someone like Bill Gates and his wife and other rich people donate generous amounts annually to chartiable organizations.

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Therefore to say anyone who donates money should be lumped togther in one group, I belive is incorrect, as there are 2 seperate groups of donateies. I absolutely disagree with this proposed merge. Charity and philanthropy are different things - and it is not simply delineated by the amount of support given.

Charity is the act of giving to those in need the poor, helpless, etc. Philanthropy is giving to socially beneficial causes - in other words, causes that help the greater good or communities. Yes, they may overlap, but they are by no means one and the same. Take, for example, a gift to a wealthy university like Harvard - charity? Warren Buffet's gift to the Gates Foundation - charity?


In fact, the concept of philanthropy has evolved to mean something like giving to empower and create sustainability of the receiving organization. Charity does not have the same meaning in practice. I've just read the philanthropy article for the first time today and was pretty surprised at what I found there - it is riddled with errors using "philanthropy" and "charity" interchangeably particularly in the cases of arguments against, when Ford nor Nietsche ever condemned philanthropy - they both disagreed with charity as far as I know.

There should definitely not be a merge. Charity is the action of giving to those in need whereas philanthropy is the philosophy of it and I see none complaining about merges regarding philosophy. Further, philanthropy is for the greater good and is completely different from any charity. I also disagree with this proposed merge. The two articles should be kept seperate.


There is no consensus to merge the two articles, so I think we should close this. I feel that the website www.

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Any objections to this? Experience the gift talk6 August UTC. Isn't it just a matter of viewpoint? One person could view their donation as philanthropy, while another viewed it as social or political activism. I think this needs to be explored more. Castravalva talk21 August UTC. In England at least, philanthropy and charitable are different. Philanthropy is a much wider act of providing good. Being charitable is much more about providing good in a more specific way that is related to charities and charity law.

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For example, political activity cannot be charitable as political activity by charities isn't allowed. Yet there is political activity which could be considered philanthropic and doing good in a more general way.

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So I would definitely favour keeping the two s separate. I removed the sentence about Ford from the article. Ford, in his book, argues for philanthropyand against charity. Ford, in fact, is regarded as one of the leading historical philanthropists of the United States and his philanthropic legacy is easily cited.

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There's something wrong about the article in general. The word philanthropy means "goodwill to fellowmen, especially active effort to promote human welfare". So far, all right. That is consistent with the definition provided by the article. But then you give examples that could hardly make justice to the concept. In business, that can be considered as a long-term investment.

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