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  • 33
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  • Argentine
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  • Brilliant green eyes
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  • English, Portuguese
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  • Chubby
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By Danielle Zoellner For Dailymail.


We were blown away by the story of Driver Ryan Gosling — a stuntman by day and a getaway wheelman by night — who falls for a vulnerable neighbor in peril Carey Mulliganand finds himself embroiled in a twisted heist involving her husband Oscar Isaac.

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MTV: Talking to you is kind of meta — you were the stunt coordinator on a movie about a guy playing a stunt coordinator. I kinda grew up, like most kids, just jumping your bikes off of stuff and doing stuff that all kids do. I thought that was the greatest job ever.

And from that point on I wanted to be a stuntman. And even specifically when you were on set, did the stunt crew serve as a sounding board for creating a more realistic atmosphere?

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Yeah, Ryan came out and did a lot of driving himself — we put him through a stunt driving training course. The guy who doubled Ryan is actually an instructor at probably the best stunt driving school there is.

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And he ran Ryan through a lot of the paces. As far as the actual choreography of the action goes, myself and my team would conceptualize different things based on what Nicolas had told us.

Where do you draw the line? Well it really depends.

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Like I said, Ryan was really handy. I know by taking him out — and with other actors — how much I can get out of them safely, how confident they are, how well they listen, and things like that.

The eyes were horrible. Yeah, a little bit. What about working with Nicolas — what was that like? He has a very original aesthetic, specifically with some of the slow-motion stuff.

How did you plan for that? Well, he wanted to shoot pretty much everything on a super-wide lens, which can slow everything down as far as car chases go.

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And then we had to play really close to camera and move camera quite a bit — so the camera is never static. We also used a lot of foreground elements, a lot of wipes.

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So it shows more of a speed differential. There was a point where we were just throwing handfuls of dirt out onto the road so it would kick up dust and add something to the frame to add speed to it. There are a handful of major driving-related action sequences in the film — which was the most challenging for your team to coordinate and shoot?

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Probably the most challenging was the pawn shop scene. And they wanted a stunt that had never been seen before, which is not uncommon.

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That makes it challenging. And Nicolas ended up loving it.

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It was all kind of tight, because you have to figure out what these cars are going to do so then you can then give them to the special effects department and they can build cages. So it all needs to be agreed upon early.

We only had a few days to conceptualize what the chase was going to be. I think we had…maybe a couple days to shoot the car chase. It was really tight for everything we wanted to do at a few different locations. We would sit down and discuss — for example, the elevator fight, or a lot of the car stuff, and really dial it in, and he was just a pleasure to work with.

Yeah that was another one that Nicolas was quite open to. Originally, they were supposed to leave the elevator and there was this whole fight outside the elevator, and we all discussed how cool it was that he kisses her and then — the flipside to it — where he just snaps and takes that guy out, and her leaving and the elevator closing.

It was a great collaborative process with Nicolas holding to what he wanted, ultimately, but letting people weigh in on it.

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Have you ever been asked to perform or coordinate a stunt that you felt uncomfortable with, or straight-up refused to do? You have to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Tell us what you think of the stunt work in "Drive" in the comments section and on Twitter!

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By Justin Kroll.


In " The Place Beyond the Pines ," Ryan Gosling steps into the Metallica shirts and bleach-blond hair of Luke, a stunt bike driver who turns to high-speed bank heists to support his family, and while the actor himself isn't able to drive a motocross bike in a steel globe of death with two other riders, the movie wouldn't give you that impression.


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are getting crazy Oscar buzz for La La Land , a film that stands largely on the shoulders of their chemistry.


By Leah Simpson.