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The Bohemian Girl Hide Spoilers. Ron Oliver 7 September In evaluating this film it is important to understand that it is very different from the result first planned by Hal Roach. The mysterious and scandalous death murder? Although Thelma Todd is still given third place billing, her participation has been slashed down to virtual inificance. What a waste.

As a result, Felix Knight's obvious role as romantic lead was also truncated and he is left with but one short appearance, singing a melodic ballad.

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This is also a shame, as he was a fine young actor and he never received another good chance to become a successful movie star. They are hilarious even when sitting and doing nothing. Stan's latest finger trick and his attempt to siphon a barrel of wine into bottles, along with Ollie divesting a foppish nobleman of every last valuable accouterment, stand out, but only as gems among treasures.

See a problem?

Two of the great character actors from the Boys' films of the past appear with them again. She grows up to become pretty Jacqueline Wells an obvious replacement for Miss Todd. Irish prodigy Michael William Balfe composed the operetta upon which the film is based.

Many of the words of the songs, especially when performed by the Gypsy Chorus, are unintelligible. Was this review helpful? Very happy to contradict other reviewers of this movie, but it is a little-known gem. From the scene where they pickpocket the dandy, to the scene where Stan is filching Ollie's money-bag, to the scene where Stan is filling the wine-bottles, through to the final scene after the torture chamber, when they look at each other, it is a wonderful movie Ollie: "I'm going to take my zither lesson"; Stan: "Oh, I slept like a top, too," followed by Ollie's great mug.

The scene when Hardy is claiming "his" items from the dandy is priceless his "lorgnette"--now how does a gypsy like Ollie know that word?! Vintage Ollie. I always loved the scene when Stan was singing in the two operatic voices. See it for yourself VERY hard to find. What a good thing it is that Laurel and Hardy movies are not open to great critical debate.

That way, you don't have to worry that The Bohemian Girl isn't one of their better efforts.

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We don't have to argue that, as with the fitfully amusing Swiss Miss, the operatic elements fail to gel and should have been removed. Yes, as a music-free short this would have been vastly superior, but so what? Laurel and Hardy aren't satirists; they don't indulge in Freudian critiques or social commentary, and all the better for it.

Their brand of simple, slapstick fun is submerged, but if you can wade through the irrelevant gypsy sequences then it's there, just as funny as ever. Just the simple things, like Ollie smacking himself in the face with a potato, or Stan asking a town crier "Nine o'clock and all's well" "Say, could you tell us the time? This only serves to heighten appreciation of how good the real duo's timing was.

The bohemian girl

It is weird seeing the two as conmen, but they're still as likeable as ever. Stan even gets to do the "floating finger" routine. Other elements quite racy for include adultery and child abduction.

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A classic four-minute scene has Laurel getting inadvertently drunk while trying to fill bottles of wine. The somewhat overbearing opera fixations are even punctured by a Stan who eats Ollie's breakfast because he doesn't know how long a song will take to finish.

There's even room for James Finlayson to get in on the act. Yet when even their average films are this funny, then who cares?

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Seeing it again many years later I found it a very enchanting and funny movie. The only thing keeping this from being and incredibly good drama is Stan and Ollie's wonderful presence. The story and music are wonderful and provide an interesting undertone to the movie.

Watch Stan get progressively intoxicated, some great marital spats, and the duo's inept pickpocketing throughout the village slowly, slowly slowly A great family film that everyone can enjoy. Libretio 4 February Some of the songs are lovely particularly the ode to Ollie's fatherly love, sung at breakfast by Julie Bishop, here billed as 'Jacqueline Wells'but most are rendered quaint by antiquity. Ollie is just as punctilious and accident-prone as ever, but Stan steals the picture with effortless grace, getting drunk on home-made wine and saving Bishop from Carleton's misguided nobleman.

Favorite gag: After being told that Ollie has become a father, Stan shakes his hand and declares, "I hope you grow up to be as good a mother as your father was! Though previewed inthe movie underwent extensive re-editing following the death of co-star Thelma Todd, who appears only briefly in the finished version as the gypsy queen's daughter.

Directed by James W. Horne and Charles Rogers. The Mikado 29 March It is a shame that Thelma Todd died just about the time BG was released. Who begs for a dark cloud? She always worked especially well with the team and gives that extra boost to Ollie in particular that one always got from a Maggie Dumont, Jan Duggan, or Symona Boniface. Mae could play an absolute bitch, and you still loved her.

Sweet, without being cloying. There's going to be singing. What more could one want? Give this baby a chance! I prefer BG to some of its contemporaries, too. Why complain and deride it? It's a pleasant evening, with lots of merriment.

And it's Stan and Ollie in their prime, even if not in the best of their films. We should be so lucky as to have another BG filming in Hollywood today. The first recollection I have of seeing Laurel and Hardy movies goes back to the 's when we would huddle around a TV set watching 15 minute shorts. The huddle was made up of grade school classmates and the reason for it was that not every family had a TV set at home.

Bohemian girl I remember enjoying even though in butchered up segments and knowing there must be more to it. Finally in the 's I would see the complete version and found it a jewel. There are so many funny lines and scenes in this movie. One of my favorites is after the Dandy has been duped of his valuables Oliver starts to put on airs to the point of rapping his new cane demanding service,real rags to riches.

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The opera part sets well with me especially the songs where the words are clear enough to be understood even though I've never been to an opera. What I like is the Gypsy theme with the setting,costumes and romanticism. For me it makes for something that I seek in movies Part of this is brought about because some of the Gypsy parts were being played by persons with ethnic looks.

Some times the movies really miss the target when casting persons in an ethnic part and I find it a distraction.

On that subject the Gypsy Queen parts in this movie I would not miss if they were taken out. Laurel and Hardy don't have to look like Gypsies,no matter the setting they still are always Stan and Ollie.

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Bohemian Girl won't rank up with the best of the Laurel and Hardy features but it's a fine attempt with a of wonderful scenes. Only the bland singing and the overly dramatic plot stop this picture from claiming a spot alongside Way Out West and Blockhe as one of the boys finest. The best scenes include a wonderful pickpocketing scene, a crazy wine-drinking sketch and the final image of an overgrown Ollie and a shortened Stan. Some Laurel and Hardy regulars make brief but amusing appearances.

Mae Busch is as tyrannical as ever as Oliver's wife. She has the gall to have an affair right in front of her husband and yet Ollie is too much of a gentleman to stop her. James Finlayson has a nice turn as a palace guard adopting that wonderful double take of his to great effect. Bohemian Girl is not the film that you'd show to a first time Laurel and Hardy watcher. It lacks the rhythm of their best pieces. However, for a loyal viewer, it provides a few of the boys finest routines. Stan's magic tricks are a real delight and Ollie's conflict with Mae Busch are classic. If you want the worst - check out "Utopia" - that's sadness personified.

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This is Stan's response when Ollie tries to explain the sight of his wife's lover giving her a chuck under the chin. Two guys who are clearly out of place does anyone really buy them as gypsies? Especially when Ollie is wearing the same wig he wore in "March of the Wooden Soldiers". I'm sure everyone by now knows this is the film that was Thelma Todd's last picture, due to her untimely death. That's why the film is so choppy, too many edits.

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But there are still so many classic scenes with the two boys. Stan's wine scene, when Ollie recovers his "stolen" property, Stan searching under Ollie's pillow, and on and on. James Finlayson and Mae Busch steal the picture. They are both so right for their parts, they're hysterical. I had never seen this film before, but heard plenty about it. For years I have heard my mother-in-law talk about this film that she saw when she was young, and how some of the scenes had stayed with her.

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The trans-continental express swung along the windings of the Sand River Valley, and in the rear seat of the observation car a young man sat greatly at his ease, not in the least discomfited by the fierce sunlight which beat in upon his brown face and neck and strong back.


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