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  • I'm 27 years old
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  • I’ve got large hazel eyes
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  • Flaxen
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  • Gin
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Thanks to an old man that turned me into a cocksucker, I've been sucking cock behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since the dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock while we were standing at the urinals in a public rest room at the park. Even embarrassed about being caught, I was still staring at his big eight inch cock. He was probably in his early sixties and stood over six-feet.


Personal cocksucker and cum dump

Oh, yeah, his brother's straight. So is he, for that matter. So anyway, we're stroking and he's watching the tape and I'm more or less watching him. He noticed that I was looking at his dick more than at the slut getting porked on the tape. I said, "yeah, you got a nice dick.

The cocksucker, i am

That's still my favorite kind of meat to suck on. Well, not to boast, but like a surprising of cocksuckers, I've got pretty big meat myself, a little bigger than Robbie's, maybe half an inch longer and a little fatter.

He started showing off his dick to me and he asked if I wanted to play with it. I immediately forgot about my own dick and reached over and started stroking his for him. It felt like magic in my hand. After a minute or so he just said, "go ahead if you want to, I won't tell anyone. I don't know how, but somehow he knew I wanted to suck it.

I knew I could trust him--we'd been buddies since kindergarten--so I just leaned over and took it in my mouth.

Introduction to using cocksuckers for straight men

What was your first reaction to having a dick in your mouth? That I was in heaven. It was by far the most exciting moment in my young life. It was like his dick was electric, except in a wholly good way. I'll never forget how it felt.

Introduction to using cocksuckers for straight men

No, not that time. He told me he was about to cum and took it out of my mouth and stroked it a couple of times and then came in quarts. Boy, did he make a mess. I went to the bathroom and got a towel and wiped him up.

Yeah, I jerked off and wiped myself up and then we put the tape back where he found it so his brother wouldn't know we'd seen it. His mother came home about twenty minutes later and asked me to stay for dinner, but I had to go home.

Gay cocksucker stories

I jerked off about four times that night thinking about what had happened. But I was also scared he'd not want to be friends with me any more since I'd become a cocksucker. That was about the worst word you could call someone in our crowd, although most of the guys probably didn't think about what it really meant.

No, not at all.

Turned into a cocksucker

We hooked up in school the next day and he acted like nothing had happened. Then when we were walking home that afternoon, he asked me if I had liked it the day before. I knew what "it" was, of course, and said yeah, I had, and he said he had too.

Then he asked me if I wanted to suck him off again. I said yeah, I did, and that was that. I was his cocksucker all through high school and that was just fine with me. And with him. He asked how I felt about giving him blow jobs while he didn't give me any and I told him that it was OK, I really enjoyed sucking him. And that was the truth. I just felt so alive when I had Robbie's dick in my mouth, when he was sharing his manhood with me so I could get him off.

Nope, he didn't, thank God. I wasn't a sissy or anything, but a hundred percent regular guy-guy and popular with others at school. No one in a million years would have thought I was a fag by how I acted. I just liked sucking his cock when he needed it, being the instrument of his sexual pleasure while I fed my hunger for dick.

stunner girl Madison

I'm still a regular kind of guy except for being totally queer for cock. So we stayed best friends and I sucked him off two-three times a week.

house moms Anya

He'd joke with me that he was the only guy in school who never had to jerk off, because he had his very own, personal, private cocksucker. He'd ask for it or he'd just give me that look that told me he was horny and I'd get on my knees and service him. Sometimes at school he'd whisper to me, "Guess what I want," and I could hardly wait for school to get out. After he came he'd let me nurse on his dick while I JO'd, and then we'd go play tennis or whatever, just like two normal, teenage, male friends.

For : cocksucker

I could usually beat his ass in tennis, too. I'm a better athlete than he is. Oh, sure, and he'd usually let me, even if he wasn't really in the mood.

gorgeous cunt Ellison

I took care of him when he needed it and he took care of me when I did. Like I said, we were buddies.

horny lady Marlowe

I liked making him feel good, so it was OK. But I've never liked the taste of cum much. I know a lot of cocksuckers live for the stuff, but for me, it's the dick I crave. It's being on my knees for a man, giving him pleasure while he gives me dick that I love. Taking a guy's load is just part of the job, so to speak.

But it's an important part. There's a reason we call it "service. I just try to have his dick down my throat when he pops. Then I look up at him and thank him with my eyes. Guys usually love that. Oh, no. There was one other straight friend I serviced, and there were two other guys in our class who turned out to be fags too and I fooled around with them a lot once we found out that we batted for the same team. But that wasn't cocksucking--giving service--that was gay sex. None of us were out, of course. A lot of guys fooled around together when they were horny, mostly mutual jack off, and the occasional sixty-nine.

But being openly queer was way uncool and it was never, and I mean never, talked about. So it was great having a couple of friends I could be completely myself with, guys who knew I was a homo and who were homos themselves so they understood why I needed dick so much. We got kind of drunk one night at a party and I was staying at his house for the weekend. After we got home, we piled into bed together--he had a queen size bed in his room, so I always slept in it with him to save messing up a guest room--and pretty soon he was asleep and his dick was hanging out of his boxers so I started feeling him up.

I figured I could always do the old boy-was-I-drunk-last-night-I-don't-remember-a-thing routine if necessary. He got hard as I felt him up so I started sucking it.

Are you a male cocksucker & where are you from

I guess he woke up because I felt him put his hand on the back of my head to indicate it was alright and he was enjoying it. So I continued sucking till he popped and then he just rolled over and went back to sleep and I jerked off. No, it turned out I wasn't the first guy he'd given access to his cock. He told me his older cousin had seduced him when he was thirteen and was still giving him head now and then.

He was surprised to find out I liked sucking dick, but it was cool with him because his cousin had taught him to enjoy a good BJ. So it became a sort of regular thing. Not as often as with Robbie, but at least a couple of times a month. He had a pretty hot and heavy girl friend at that time, so he was getting plenty in the pussy department, but she wouldn't suck his dick.

I always made a point of keeping the various parts of my sex life completely separate.

ebony floozy Halo

I never told Robbie about my fooling around with the other queer guys, or even that those guys were queer. And I didn't tell him about sucking off Sam. It was after school was out in our junior year and I had gone over to Robbie's house one morning to play tennis with him. His family had a court. Yeah, his father's a big-deal lawyer in the city.

But we were all spoiled-rotten-rich-kids, I guess. My dad's a doctor, a cardiologist. Everyone in the neighborhood's pretty well off. Anyway, I walked into the house without knocking, like we always did. I walked into Robbie's bedroom, and found Robbie still asleep, the lazy prick. I woke him up and he started stretching his arms and legs.

God, he was so gorgeous when he did that.

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There are exceptions and a few dozen married men are completely happy with their sex life but most are not.


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There are exceptions and a few dozen married men are completely happy with their sex life but most are not.


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