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NRS This law also prohibits misrepresenting oneself as an adult in order to obtain pornography. In this article, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys discuss:. The most common examples of material that are harmful to minors include pornographic films or images. But such material can take many forms, including:.

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It is a misdemeanor sex crime under NRS Note that it does not matter whether the harmful materials are delivered to the minor in person or through electronic communications. Also note that NRS Selling or exhibiting obscene materials to minors is sentenced as a misdemeanor in Nevada.

The maximum penalty carries:.

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Subsequent offenses carry the same sentencing range as first offenses — there are no enhancements. However, courts are more likely to order sentences on the higher end of the penalty range for repeat offenders than for first time offenders.

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Note that giving obscene materials to a minor does not carry sex offender registration in Nevada. The vagueness of NRS The following are three typical defenses a defense attorney may use to fight allegations of selling or exhibiting obscene materials to minors in Nevada.

Nrs – “exhibition and sale of obscene materials to minors” in nevada law

Note that it is not a defense that the defendant made no physical contact with the minor or had no prior convictions for lewd conduct. Once the record is sealedthe conviction will not show up in most background checks.

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Note that dismissed charges can be sealed right away. Call our DUI and criminal law firm for legal advice.

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We offer free consultations in the state of Nevada. Arrested for an alleged violation of state law or federal law?

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Contact our Las Vegas, NV criminal defense lawyers for a free case evaluation. You can reach us through our online contact form or our telephone. We appear in state and federal courts throughout Nevada.

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See our related articles on solicitation of prostitution NRS In California? Go to our information California Penal Code Updated June 8, NRS Please attach any citations, booking sheets, police reports or other relevant documents.

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Attach another file if needed. In this article, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys discuss: 1.

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What does NRS What is the punishment? What are the best legal defenses? When can the criminal record get sealed? What material is harmful to minors in Nevada? But such material can take many forms, including: a book, pamphlet, magazine, newspaper, printed advertising or other printed or written material; a motion picture, photograph, picture, drawing, statue, sculpture or other visual representation or image; or a transcription, recording or live or recorded telephone message.

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Nevada Revised Statute Note that pornography can include any type of sexual act, including masturbation, sexual intercourse, sexual penetration, and lewdness with a minor. See also Jacobellis v. Ohio, U. See also 18 U. Second Judicial Dist. Court, P. What happens if you get a 5th DUI in Nevada? Contact Our Firm We usually respond in 5 minutes.

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